Air Inflated Tea House, Frankfurt am Main, Germany Inside Tea House Tea House side view

Inflated exhibition space, Frankfurt, Germany

The creator of this work, Kengo Kuma, calls it "breathing architecture." When inflated, the Teahouse has in interior space of twenty square meters, enough room for a complete teahouse with tatami mats, electric stove, and preparation room.

The structure is made from a double layer of 40% light transmitting SEFAR® Architecture TENARA® Fabric. Even with two layers of fabric, plenty of natural daylight filters through the walls. At night, integrated LED lights make the entire structure glow.

The ease of joining the Tenara® Fabric with high-frequency radio frequency welding enabled this complex design to be quickly and neatly assembled by Canobbio SPA. Thanks to the fabric's flexibility, the structure can be quickly deflated, folded, moved and reinflated.

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